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edited by Susan Bennett

New Series No. 12
November 2015
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Dr. Joseph Needham's Intellectual Heritage Workshop
Honour for Rose Kerr
Honorary Fellowship for Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Ely
Obituary: T. H. Tsien (1909-2015)
Launch of new SCC volume
Award for Professor Angela K. C. Leung
Director's visit to Singapore, March 2015
Director gives Twentieth Annual Hans Rausing Lecture
Appointment of Dr. Mary Brazelton in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Public Outreach at home and abroad
Open Cambridge Day
Honouring our friends Professors Ho Peng Yoke and            Nakayama Shigeru
Technology in Modern East Asia Workshop
Science and Civilization in Korea Series Workshop
Fellows and Visiting Scholars
Library news - W.B. Harland donation
Continuation of Xingzhi Fellowship

New Series No.11
November 2014
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Continuing Needham's Legacy: A Word from the New Director
New Fellowship Opportunities
New Publication: Reviving Ancient Chinese Mathematics by    Jiri Hudecek
The Lee Foundation, Singapore Benefaction
Library News
Visits and Visiting Scholars:
    The China Entrepreneur Club (CEC);
    CITIC Bank
Conferences, Seminars and Workshops:
    Multiplying Horizons on the Cross-cultural Circulation of Scientific Knowledge (Feb 2014);
Reflecting on the Nature(s) and Use(s) of Pre-Modern Chinese Texts (March 2014);
    New Horizons in Modern Japanese History of Technology (May 2014)
Visit of the ISF Academy, July 2014
Special insert: Ho Peng Yoke (1926-2014)

New Series No.10
August 2014
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Professor Christopher Cullen's Retirement as Director
Appointment of New Director
Visit of H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming
Dedication of the S.T. Lee Wing
Comparing Ancient Worlds: Greece and China - Conference in Honour of Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd's 80th Birthday
ISF Academy Summer Study Program
Library News
Seminars and Workshops
Fellows and Visiting Scholars

New Series No. 9
December 2012

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Visit of China's Entrepreneurs Club
S.T. Lee
Visit of Renowned Calligrapher Du Benji
Obituary: H.T. Huang (1921-2012)
New Postdoctoral Fellowship Funding
Joseph Needham Award
Library News

New Series No. 8
December 2011

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Publication of our latest Monograph Series volume Speaking of Epidemics in Chinese medicine by Marta Hanson
Visits: HRH Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand
          H.E. Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Ambassador to the UK
Mellon Fellows at the NRI
Conferences, workshops and reading groups
The Director's visits to China
Library News

New Series No. 7

October 2010

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The Emperor's New Mathematics, by Catherine Jami
Digging up ancient Chinese mathematics, by Christopher Cullen
Exciting encounters of the Chinese kind, by Jiři Hudeček
Library news
Don't try this at home!

New Series, No. 6
October 2009

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New Trustees Join the NRI Board
   Radiation Sickness and the Politics of Nuclear Energy
   Actors' and Observers' Categories in East and West
   Sino-British Science Co-operation
Prize for Hou Gang 候钢
New GB-Sasakawa Research and Teaching Associate in  
   Japanese Science and Technology - Clinton Godart
East Asia in Budpest
Library News
NRI monograph wins International Award

New Series, No.5
August 2008

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Cambridge Chair of Chinese Endowed in Honour of Joseph Needham
Links with Japan and Korea
Message from from new Chairman of the NRI
China and Materiality Workshop
Library News

New Series, No.4
December 2007

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Visit of H.E. The Chinese Ambassador
Archive Catalogue goes live
British Science in Beijing - Following in Needham's Footsteps
Chinese Premier in Queen Victoria's Land
Obituary: Professor F. Peter Lisowski
Library News

New Series, No.3
October 2006

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Simon Winchester in China
Icebreaker lecture in honour of Joseph Needham
Obituary: Kenneth Robinson (1917-2006)
Modern science explains 8th century Chinese remedy
Publication of festscrift for Professor Ho Peng Yoke
Friday text-reading seminars
Legacy from the late Miss Ngan-Ying Chung.
Library news

New Series, No.2
October 2005

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European Science Foundation Workshop Launches New Volume in SCC Series
Cambridge University Press honours SCC
Chinese Ambassador Praises SCC Volume on Ceramic Technology
Success by Young Scholars at NRI
Hugh Price (Bursar 1996-2005)
Archives Project
Friday Text-reading Seminars
The Library

New Series, No.1
October 2004

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New Director for the Institute
New Chairman of the Trustees: Lady Youde
Report from the New Director
NRI Studies Series and NRI Working Papers
The Library
Siku quanshu moved to K.P. Tin Hall
Retirement of Hu Zesheng
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grants for the Library and Archives
Science and Civilisation in China
Retirement of the Bursar
Workshops and Conferences
Friday Text-reading Seminars

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